How professional the whole production was!

Hi Fiona,

I thought you should know how impressed we have been with you, not only because of the spectacular ending to the year with your Pinocchio Concert, but the constant efforts you put into teaching, mentoring and inspiring our children all year round!

You are extremely talented and we feel very blessed to have you and your team in our lives!

So many of our friends and family have walked away raving about you and your students, and have quite frankly been astonished at how professional the whole production was!

What impresses me so much is your ability to showcase every one of your students so that they shine individually and yet as a perfect team!

The story you told through the incredible costuming, spectacular lighting and backdrops, amazing music and superb dancing was just unforgettable and truly a theatrical masterpiece! Thank you for your special words and recognition of our daughter…it was the cherry on the top for her!

Love and Best Wishes,
From Alison Jones and family