Styles of Dance for Pre-schoolers

Fiona's Studio of Dance

Tiny Toes Ballet (2-5yrs)

Wonderful adventures are encountered at every lesson! Through simplified ballet movements, students portray their adventure story in mime, music and dance. Children are introduced to the very basics of the ballet world without causing strain to their little bodies. Our fantastic ballet classes use many small props with live music – accompanied by our pianist – Miss Suzanne!

Jazzy Jitterbugs (2-5yrs)

Jazz is fun and energetic and dances to the tunes of popular ‘Wiggles’ and ‘Hi-5’! Children are taught the basic fundamentals of Jazz technique and are encouraged to move their bodies in sync with the rhythm and the beat. Students are given the opportunity to be creative and dynamic, improvising their own ideas into their little routines.

Tapping Tots (2-5yrs)

Be a Tap Dance Star! Rhythmical foot and leg work is taught with a simple understanding of the basic steps of tap dancing. Steps are broken down allowing children to progress at their own pace. The students are also taught correct timing and rhythm.