Dance Styles for Adults (18+)

Fiona's Studio of Dance

Adult Ballet

A fun dance class that is also enjoyable and challenging. It develops skills enhancing
correct body alignment, strength and balance.

Adult Burlesque

This is a great low impact class for all levels and ages of women who want to increase their confidence and have fun! You’ll shimmy, shake, undulate, bump, wiggle, jiggle, twirl and swirl your way through the classic burlesque moves and the use of props such as boas, canes, and chairs. Not only will you walk away with a few new moves, but this is also a great workout too! 

Adult Tap

Rhythmical foot and leg work progressing at your own pace for the complete beginner to intermediate level.

Adult Stretch/Limber Class

Beautiful music, work at your own pace in a peaceful atmosphere. It enhances flexibility, minimising injury,
increasing strength and improving coordination.