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Fiona's Studio of Dance


Often the studio will organise group bookings to see mainly dance musicals or shows, but sometimes will include classes by the Australian Ballet Company, special workshops, or other dance events. Anyone is welcome to attend!


FSD Newsletter

Frequently throughout the year, our colourful ‘FSD News’ is issued to inform students and parents of current and upcoming information as well as reports on past dance events.


Injury Prevention / Safe Dance Practises

Correct training techniques and methods are taught to ensure that the students prevent injury and maintain a balance of strength and flexibility. The studio follows Safe Dance Practises with warm-up and cool down exercises included in all dance classes.



All students are expected to demonstrate excellent hygiene whist at the studio.

• Water bottles to class to avoid dehydration
• Hand towel to wipe away perspiration
• Washing hands after using the bathroom
• For students studying ‘pointe work’, ensure that toenails are kept clean and short
• Deodorant to be used where required.



The studio upholds a healthy eating policy in the school to aid in achieving maximum performance and a healthy and positive ‘body image’.


Duty of Care / Student Safety

• The studio ensures a ‘safe’ environment for all ages in a caring family environment
• The studio has regular checks on all fire safety equipment and has procedures set in place in case of an emergency
• First aid boxes are available at all times and ‘Accident Report Forms’ are kept in each studio
• All students are treated equally with respect and dignity.