Introductory School (2-5 years)

Fiona's Studio of Dance


Boys and Girls Welcome! Our Introductory School offers an excellent foundation for your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Fiona's Studio of DanceWe are all unique individuals with a rainbow of abilities, personalities and skills. Our Pre-school Introductory Classes are fun, lively and creative in a fun-filled environment! Classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.

FSD has a unique approach to teaching pre-school aged children, placing an emphasis on enjoyment and expression. We also boast fantastic modern facilities with off-street parking!

Little ones will be taught basic movement and musicality skills with the use of imagery or ‘make believe’. Become a clown, a fairy or a ballerina / male dancer. We use lots of props such as magic wands, hula hoops, flowers, beach balls in a safe environment.
We aim to develop confidence in the littlies and to help develop a good self-image in a positive learning environment. We are also sensitive to different cultural practices and parental beliefs.


Safe teaching practice is our top priority…

Safety is our number one concern and dancers’ bodies need correct training in order to develop into healthy adults. Our teaching faculty understand how young bodies grow and develop and every dancer is made to feel comfortable regardless of body type, personality and reasons for dancing. All class material is appropriate for the age level and technical skill of the dancers.


Dance Styles Offered in our Introductory School

• Tiny Toes Ballet (R.A.D. preschool syllabus)
• Tapping Tots
• Jazzy Jitterbugs
• Private Tuition

For more details about each of these styles, please go to the Styles of Dance section of this website.



Our HARDWORKING TEAM of expert teachers are vibrant and energetic, creative and positive, and also passionate about their art form.

Teachers and assistants are carefully selected to meet the standards of our ‘Introductory School’. Our teachers possess a love for children and a fun spirit. The studio follows safe dance practices in a caring, nurturing environment. We work on 1:7 ratio. Most of the Intro classes have an average of 10-14 students and an assistant teacher.


Other Features

Fiona's Studio of DanceAnnual Mid-Year Gala Performance – Our mid-year and end of year performances are not compulsory but highly encouraged. This event is a great stepping-stone to the end of year performance. All the students in our Introductory School receive a Medal of Participation. There are no costumes required for this performance and the show is always held at the Laycock Street Theatre.

Annual End-of-Year Production (1 dance per style) – Our exciting annual ‘Production’ always has a theme / story. The children have fun dressing up in their costumes and performing on the stage!

Regular Open Days – Parents and friends are often invited to the studio to view the littlies in their classes at the end of every term. This allows the parents / guardian to see how their child/children is progressing.

Annual Ballet Demonstration Day – Students have the opportunity to perform for a certified examiner of the Royal Academy of Dance. Each child receives an official certificate for their level 1 or 2 Ballet!


Class Uniforms and Accessories

All uniform requirements are available from the studio’s office. We also sell a broad range of 2nd-hand items such as shoes and FSD dance wear. To help families with offsetting the costs of buying new dance items, we also offer a ‘re-sell’ option for students once items become too small. We also sell our 2nd-hand items to schools and to other dance schools!

Costume Hire Shop

Throughout the year we hire costumes to the students (a cheaper alternative) as well as to school groups, book parades and for dress-up parties. Check out our range of costumes available. We have the largest range of children’s costumes!

Additional training and performance opportunities

Children who wish to extend their training may participate in competitions and special solo performances throughout the year.

Pianist Accompaniment for Introductory School Ballet classes

Miss Suzanne is our wonderful pianist who plays piano and percussion for our all our Introductory Ballet classes.

Annual Fundraising

Every year we aim to keep costs to a minimum for families. All fundraising activities give 100% of the profits back to the students!